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[Open] IRL Chaimi Gift Raffle

Posted 3 years ago :: Last edited 3 years ago by PaperTsubaki

IRL Chaimi Gift Raffle


Today we're going to be raffling off some IRL Chaimi gifts! There is 1 prize for sure but could have up to three different ones!



- One entry per person

- If you are under 18 please get a parent's permission to enter

- These will be mailed to you using standard Canadian Lettermail. I have done previous mail-out gifts before and can provide proofs! Please note that an address will be required from the winner to send it out but I won't be storing this anywhere.

- Depending on when restrictions lift here, I might send a small canada-based trinket




- A personalized letter from Juliette (or one of the Chaimi NPCs of your choosing)

- A drawing from Layli

- A hand-drawn Chaimi keychain -- It will be random between one of Juliette x Bryce or Lyn x Calli or Layli x Lysander

- A Drawing from THE Commander Teapot



+ Tell me your favourite memory from Teacup / the chaimi community this year (in-character or in person) OR Tell me a bit about your Chaimi <3



Good Luck everyone!