Teacup World

Created: 18 March 2021, 14:50:33 EDT
Last updated: 28 April 2021, 02:04:42 EDT


Welcome to the world of teacup

"Tea unites cultures and people worlds apart. No matter who you are, Teacups are for everybody and everything. That's why you belong here too."

The world of Teacup is the hidden world where Chaimis reside. In the main continent, near Biscotti there is an Entrance Portal that connects to all different worlds from the human world to any other world you can imagine. It is said that the portal sends the Chaimi directly to their human.
While some Chaimis choose to live in other worlds, some humans come to live in the Chaimi world of Teacup as well.  Though the cultures vary from place to place, the world is rather connected.Teacup is connected using portals using Chaimi tea magic: a resident of Ochai can work in Shortcake every day.

The name of Teacup was decided with the versitility of the object. Though it's made for tea, Teacups are use across the world for anything from mug cakes, to coffee, to snacks to water. Chaimis believe their world is a place for everybody and that no matter who you are, you belong in Teacup too.

Teacup World Map


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